About Us

Sadar Tannery Ltd, is an 100% export oriented Finished Leather Manufacturer in Bangladesh, residing in BSCIC Tannery Industrial Area, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka. The average volume of production is near about One Million SQFT per month. We supply leather to Europe, Asia and all over world.


Why Us?

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Convenient and inspiring product catalogs
Eco-friendly production, international certificates
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More than 20 years in the industry ensure quality
Products have been tested by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories confirming own RSL and global standard.
We Value Time. Committed to ensure on time Delivery and Leadtime.
World wide delivery by Sea and Air

Our Vision

Our guiding principle is “prioritizing quality as the foundation, with profit as a natural outcome,” enabling us to consistently achieve our esteemed vision in the ever-evolving future. We strive to accomplish global customer satisfaction at a remarkable 100% by embracing a culture of ongoing enhancement.

Our Mission

In our quest to comprehend and fulfill customer desires, we consistently strive to enhance value, minimize costs while considering environmental consequences, and foster innovative thinking to enhance the quality of our products. We remain committed to global compliance and adhere to high working standards.

Our Valued Business Partner

We treat Customer as Valued Business Partner. Our main partners are the Brands and Shoe & Leather Goods Manufacturer in North America, Europe and Asia.